Who We Are

Collectively, Community Alternatives Unlimited (CAU) has a culturally diverse, professionally seasoned, and extremely stable work force.

CAU’s staff includes licensed social workers, certified rehabilitation counselors, licensed clinical psychologists, licensed professional counselors, registered nurses, ASL interpreters, and certified educators.

CAU is committed to providing services to families with diverse first languages. As an agency, we speak 13 different languages and utilize various language assistance services to meet the need for both written and spoken languages.

CAU interfaces with various state agencies and a wide variety of organizations and vendors to better serve our families and individuals.

Community Alternatives Unlimited (CAU) is a private non-profit corporation incorporated by the State of Illinois. The organization is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors and is funded by public and private contacts as well as private donations.

Our Mission

is to provide services for people who are coping with both the short- and long-term effects of any disabling condition and supporting economically challenged families to improve health and wellness during pregnancy and birth.

Why is CAU a good fit for you?

We know that not only are we looking for the right people to join our CAU team, we know that you are also looking for the right organization for you. We offer a number of benefits that we believe will be important to you:

Career Opportunities

Please click on this LINK, and visit our Career page to apply for all Community Alternatives Unlimited current open positions. Thank you!