Services for people with developmental disabilities

Services for people with INTELLECTUAL disabilities

CAU is the “front door” to service for persons of any age who have a intellectual disability and who reside on the north side of the city of Chicago, Lake County, the North Shore suburbs, and the Northwest suburbs. CAU staff is experienced professionals in the field of intellectual disabilities and is Qualified Professionals to serve persons with an Intellectual Disability (QIDP). CAU must pass an annual survey administered by the State of Illinois, Department of Human Services, Bureau of Quality Management to offer these services.

“PUNS” Waiting List: You may call CAU to schedule an interview so that your family member may be placed on the Prioritization of Urgency of Need for Services (PUNS) Waiting List for services/Statewide Data Base. The PUNS interview allows you to categorize your need for services/supports as Emergency, Critical, or planning. A completed PUNS interview does NOT confirm your eligibility for services nor guarantee that services will be provided. HOWEVER, it does ensure that the State of Illinois, Department of Human Services does know about your need for assistance.

“PAS Agency”: CAU is a designated Pre-Admission Screening agent or “PAS Agency” by the Division of Intellectual Disabilities, Department of Human Services, and State of Illinois. The purpose of this program is to make necessary determinations regarding eligibility for services, to educate individuals and families in order to offer a choice of service arrangements, and to provide follow-up in a timely manner. The Pre-Admission Screening process collaborates with the consumer and his/her family and includes gathering relevant information to document the diagnosis of a intellectual disability, conduct assessments and evaluations, as well as the status of state and federal entitlements, and guardianship status.

“ISC/Community Case Management”: CAU offers Individual Service Coordination (ISC) or case management for persons of any age with a intellectual disability and his/her family who is seeking now or in the future community based services and supports. This service involves a personal, one-to-one relationship between the consumer and the case manager and includes but is not limited to education and information regarding the system of services currently available. The intensity of the service provided is directly related to the consumer’s needs. The CAU individual service coordinator develops a comprehensive individualized service plan in partnership with the consumer and his/her family. The plan may include transitioning from one service to another due to age, behavioral needs, and choice. Consumers participating in this program must be in the “PUNS” statewide data base.

“ISSA”: Individual Service and Support Advocacy (ISSA) is a CAU service that is part of the State of Illinois Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver for children and adults and delivered by a case manager. The consumer may live with family, semi-independently, or in a group home called in Illinois, Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA) and receive ISSA services. Every person participating in this Waiver is connected to a CAU ISSA case manager that is required to visit the consumer at least four times yearly. The ISSA service is designed to assist but not supplant the guardian and other appropriate advocates in fulfilling their responsibilities. Additionally, the ISSA case manager serves as an independent resource for consumers and families to clarify issues with providers or services such as possible changes in support levels and conflict resolution. The ISSA staff participates in the development of the Individual Service Plan (ISP), approves the ISP, and monitors its implementation as well as the general health, safety, and well-being of the participant.